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Voltaic Pile by Clementoni

Reference 6709

Voltaic Pile by Clementoni

Assemble your own Voltaic Pile and discover how the prototype of the modern electric battery works.
Build Alessandro Volta's pile, the first generator of electric energy in history that revolutionised the scientific world!
Play with the fun MEMO cards and get to know the most famous electricity scholars, learning lots of scientific notions through the illustrated manual.
Contains 10 parts of the battery column, 1 LED with wires, 4 zinc discs, 4 copper discs, 5 felt discs, 1 measuring pipette and illustrated manual.
Approved by the Science Museum.

Suitable From   8 to 14 years
Dimensions   6 x 15 x 21cm
Brand   Clementoni
Product Code   61274
Barcode   8005125612741

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